Platform Provider

//Platform Provider


A. Who May Apply

Any Individual, Corporate Outfit or Professional Body with:
(i)    An existing underutilized or new office space anywhere in Nigeria.
(ii)    A little money for the Take-off Training and Marketing Materials and the day to day running of the office for the first 2 months.

  • A young man or lady who wants to go into self – employment early in life.
  • A retired or retiring person who still wants regular monthly income in retirement.
  • A professional who wishes to diversify into business with less personal involvement.
  • A father who wants to institute one – off Trust Fund for his child’s education in case.
  • A self-employed person who wishes to create a platform for guaranteed Income in Retirement and also regular monthly income before retirement.
  • Any Executive in paid employment who wishes to set up a small business by the side.
  • A Corporate Outfit, Professional Body or Market Association engaged in Micro-finance, Real Estate, Healthcare Delivery, Accounting, Surveying, Law, Public Relations, Education etc. with large clientele that wishes to create additional income from its existing clients or additional Income Source for its members.
  • A Product or Service Marketing company with large number of field staff wishing to earn additional income through Insurance Distribution.

Position Requirement

You will provide suitable office space and facilities worth N3 – N5.0m at our approved location of your choice anywhere in Nigeria and we will build for you a business that can generate as much as N25.0m profit per annum in Retail Insurance Distribution.

B. Mode of Operation

(i) Day to Day Running of the Office
The Provider can:
– Manage the office by himself. or
– Appoint his/her Spouse, Child or Relation to manage the branch. or
– Use a Contract Manager from the project to manage the branch.

Each Manager will receive 4 stages of Intensive Training on Insurance Products, Insurance Technicalities, Marketing and Business Management.

(ii) Control
– The Branch and its staff will operate as separate entity under the trade name, control and brand identity of our Licensed Insurance Providers.

C. Your Benefits as Platform Provider

– Collection of Attractive Facilities Fee on monthly basis.
– Collection of Brokers Commission on Own Risks.

Our Five Year Financial Projection has shown that the Net Profit to the Provider by Year 2 is about N10.0m for cities like Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt, N9.0m for Ibadan, Abeokuta, Kano and Kaduna and N6.0m for Ilorin, Osogbo, Ijebu-Ode, Ogbomosho, Minna, Jos etc. while the Total Investment Capital (Office Rent, Furnishing, Take-off Training and Marketing Materials etc.) for Lagos etc. is N5.0m, Ibadan etc. is N4.4m and for Ilorin etc. is N3.9m.

D. Our Involvement

(I) Technical Support
All the Technical, HR and Professional activities needed to run the Office like Training, Technology, Advert and Publicity, Risk Survey, Underwriting and Claims Administration, Regulatory Conformance, Alliance Creation, Internal Control, Customer Benefits, Brand Management, Manpower Development, etc. shall be provided by our appointed Licensed Insurance Provider.

(II) Staff Salary
We will pay all the Salaries and Benefits due to your Manager and Staff including Productivity Bonus and Performance Incentives shall be paid by the appointed Licensed Insurance Provider.