Flood And Windstorm Disasters

//Flood And Windstorm Disasters
The Tragedies Come In All Shades
  1. Flood submerges 150 Houses in Sokoto – Punch, Tuesday Aug. 19. 2008
  2. Kebbi State Government Disburses N4.0b over 2010 Flood Incident – NTA News – 13/10/2011
  3. Hundreds of people died n Ibadan flood, thousands displaced, mother, 7 year-old baby, Houses, Cars, Cemeteries swept away. Man loses father and 4 children. Ajimobi cuts short Umrah”. – Sunday Tribune August 28, 2011.

We have the Laws that provide compensation for the victims of these disasters and at the same time Fines and Prison Terms are imposed for non – compliance.


Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse