Auto-Crash Disasters

//Auto-Crash Disasters
Auto-Crash Disasters
  1. Abia, Okada Accidents claimed 1,300 lives in 6 months – This day, April 2, 2009.
  2. 1,871 incidents involving road accidents, drowning in rivers & wells in Kano State (Kano State Fire Service) – Thursday. April 2, 2010
  3. I ran out naked from the bathroom – Father of two boys crushed by fleeing smugglers in Sango-Otta- Saturday Punch, October 23, 2010
  4. Tears as Minister Ocholi, wife and son die in Auto Crash – Punch, March 7, 2016
  5. 5074 Persons died, 28,000 injured in Road Accidents in 2015 – FRSC – Punch, March 14, 2016.

There are 16.2m Motor vehicles in Nigeria, 85% of them are Insured by the Fake Underwriters using the facilities of the state governments – Licensing offices.


(c). Section 68(1) – Insurance of Third Party Liability on Motor Vehicles.

No person shall use or cause or permit any other person to use a motor vehicle on a road unless any liability which he may thereby incur in respect of damage to the property of third parties is insured with an insurer registered under this Act.

(3) – Cap. 233 LFN 1990

The insurance under this section shall be in addition to the liabilities required to be insured under the Motor Vehicle (Third Party) Insurance Act 1950 and shall be regulated mutatis mutandis by the provisions of the Act.

(4) A person who contravenes this section commits an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N250,0000 or imprisonment for 1 year or both.


Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse