The Business?

This is an invitation to invest in a business segment where there are No Risks of Inferior Products, New Technology, Fuel Scarcity, Product Obsolescence, Raw Materials Scarcity, Indispensable Staff, Import Restrictions, Foreign Exchange Scarcity or High Energy consumption– and above all, Payment of Claims is not your responsibility. Furthermore, it is a business from which you can exit without losing a kobo and it provides stable, quick and High Return on Investment under a Pay-back Period of one year!

Projected ROI

Our Five Year Financial Projection has shown that the Net Profit to the Provider by Year 2 is about:
₦10.0m for cities like Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt,
₦9.0m for Ibadan, Abeokuta, Kano and Kaduna and
₦6.0m for Ilorin, Osogbo, Ijebu-Ode, Ogbomosho, Minna, Jos etc.
Meanwhile, the Total Investment Capital (Office Rent, Furnishing, Take-off Training and Marketing Materials etc.) for Lagos etc. is ₦5.0m, Ibadan etc. is ₦4.4m and for Ilorin etc. is ₦3.9m.

Unparalleled Support

All the Technical, HR, and Professional activities of the Project like Training, Technology, Advert and Publicity, Risk Survey, Underwriting and Claims Administration, Regulatory Conformance, Alliance Creation, Internal Control, Customer Benefits, Brand Management, Product Enrichment, Customer update, Manpower Development, salaries, etc. shall be provided by our Licensed insurance Providers.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Income Growth from Insurance Business can double on Annual basis as long as the Investor secures the renewal of his/her previous year’s transactions.

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About Us

We are a group of companies engaged in Insurance Consulting, Marketing and Training since 2002. Our company has in the past 10 years been involved in almost all the Insurance Market Development Initiatives undertaken in Nigeria by the Financial Services Regulators, The Regional Insurance Market Associations and the Multi-lateral Organisations. Some of these initiatives are: The Nigeria Financial System Strategy 2020 (FSS 2020 Insurance Sector Report), Country Diagnostic Study of Microinsurance and Takaful in Nigeria, Institutional Building Blocks for Insurance Development in Africa and Insurance Market Development and Restructuring Initiatives (MDRI), Nigeria.

Two years ago, we decided to conduct a comprehensive research into the causes of Low Insurance Penetration in Nigeria (0.3% of GDP in 2014) and in the process discovered that for insurance to grow in Nigeria, we need to develop the Relevant Products, Improve on Customer Service, Expand Access and Usage of Insurance, reduce the Negative Image, enhance Customer Education, widen Customer Complaint Avenues and Enhance Customer Benefits relative to Cost. Our focus in the past has been on these solutions and henceforth, the Nigeria Insurance Industry will be able to play its Strategic Role of stimulating the growth of other sectors of the economy like Mortgage, generate employment to the industry’s full capacity of about 800,000 jobs and serve as source of funds for projects of national development like SME and Infrastructure.

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Our Vision

To expand the scope of Insurance Business in Nigeria to serve as a tool of 1st choice to the Policymakers on Economic Development, reliable Risk Management Solution to the Policyholders and attractive Investment outlet to the Shareholders.

Our Mission

To see that every qualified person in Nigeria has access to affordable, appropriate and problem solving Insurance protection.

Our Invitation

We are pleased to invite you to invest in Retail Insurance Distribution in Nigeria through our Contract Branch Network Management Programme (CBNMP).

Do You Even Know That...

  • Insurance is a Publicly accepted and Socially valuable mechanism for wiping-off peoples tears in times of sorrow with potentials of alarming magnitude in any economy with large population, high Family risk exposure, high dependency ratio but little Social Welfare Schemes.
  • Insurance is the 3rd Largest Industry in the world after Oil & Gas and Automobile.
  • Insurance is a multi – product business Segment in the Financial Services Sector with over 100 Products on Wealth Protection and Wealth Creation, – Property, Casualty, Liability, Pecuniary, Life, Pension Bancassurance, Microinsurance, Takaful, Social Welfare, Accident and Sickness, Oil and Gas, Marine and Aviation, Bonds and Guarantees etc.
  • The level of unutilized business opportunities in Insurance in Nigeria today is 94.0%.
  • Insurance business in Nigeria has the capacity to create 800,000 new jobs and stimulate the growth of other sectors of the economy like SME and Mortgage.
  • The on-going transformation of Nigeria to a credit economy and the fight against corruption are the systemic enablers needed for Rapid Insurance Growth in any economy.
  • There are 7 Compulsory Insurance Provisions in the Federal and Lagos State Government Laws that can be used to reflate the National and State Economies in Nigeria.
  • Income Growth from Insurance Business can double on Annual basis as long as you secure the renewal of your previous year’s transactions.


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